Work @ BA

Business Aspect provides a culture of successful and happy teams of experienced, smart, motivated and commercially grounded people. Our people are well rewarded, appreciated and challenged with the opportunity to contribute to Business Aspect’s success.

Key company values include keeping the focus on our people and on their challenging and rewarding work environment and to have fun while supporting good work-life balance. Our people are trusted and empowered to deliver great outcomes with relative autonomy within the support of the Business Aspect commercial structure, processes, approaches, intellectual property and teams.

Working at Business Aspect provides the opportunity to work on significantly diverse client environments and sectors while enhancing your career development through mentoring and training opportunities. We promote networking opportunities through various social media and collaboration tools and encourage the publication of articles, presentations and other media showcasing our talent and capabilities.

Trust and empowerment means we work hard but work smart: flexibility in the way we work by leveraging flexible working hours, collaboration and telecommuting is intrinsic in providing an outcome based work ethic. Learning and Development activities such as regular lunchtime sessions are focussed on the facilitation of the ongoing development of our people.

Business Aspect’s staff collaboration activities, team building events, formal functions, staff birthday celebrations, professionally delivered fitness programs and sporting event activities, all combine to make Business Aspect an employer of choice and a great place to be.

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