Dr Richard Eden

Richard has an outstanding record in transforming how large public sector agencies engage with citizens and deliver innovation.

He believes the hallmark of a modern digital organisation is agile execution at speed. A visionary leader, Richard knows how to drive partnerships, investment and scalable projects that connect services to new digital realities and innovation, to create jobs and vibrant economies.

Richard is one of the rare individuals to have held CIO, COO and CEO roles, and can cut through much of the mystique that surrounds technology. He offers his thoughts on what it takes to go 'From CIO to CEO' here.

As CIO and later COO of Education Queensland, Richard ran one of the largest IT department in the country and successfully introduced digital education and student centred learning. His achievement in “revolutionising teaching and learning” was recognised with a Public Service Medal in the 2014 Australia Day Awards .

As founding Director-General (CEO) of the Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games, Richard introduced and championed the need for coordinated effort and reform in the tourism industry. Other highlights include the creation of the Business and Industry Portal (www.business.qld.gov.au) as the direct service delivery to more than 5 million customers, and attracting significant new direct tourism investment by providing facilitation services to tourism infrastructure projects.

Richard joined the Business Aspect team in 2015.  He knows how to develop a clear vision, build teams and run efficient high performing organisations. Richard offers a unique mix of skills, insight and experience which he relishes in applying to solve our clients’ challenges.

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