Retail and Consumer Services

The Retail and Consumer Services industry is one that is focussed on the delivery of effective customer service in a way that maximises efficiencies and therefore margins. In an era of globalisation, much of this sector is under pressure to continue to develop both in terms of how they interact with their client base, and in terms of their back office efficiency. The continued growth of online retail services is reshaping how business is done in many of the industry categories.

Business Aspect’s methodical approach to a range of key areas fits well with the requirements of much of the sector:

  • Highly structured approach to business process analysis and optimisation
  • Highly refined capability around the development of sound strategic planning
  • Proven organisational change capability that extends the development of defined people, process and technology outcomes to the realisation of the change

Business Aspect’s work with a major automotive supply company in the development of more effective communications, led to significant operational improvements for this company. Additionally, the work delivered by the Business Aspect team for a major retailer of parts resulted in a more effective approach to business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Business Aspect’s performance in the Retail and Consumer Services industry is reflected in the following case studies:

  • Case Study: Business Impact Assessment and Disaster Recovery Plan

    Business Aspect completed an in-depth, organisation-wide business impact assessment and subsequent disaster recovery plan framework that would enable the organisation to recover critical systems in line with business requirements. The business was in a...

  • Case Study: Due Diligence

    Business Aspect was engaged as part of a due diligence team by a well-known Australian health club chain. The purpose of the review was to assess another health club as a prospective purchase. The scope of Business Aspect's involvement was to identify...

  • Case Study: Wireless Analytics

    Helping retailers harness the power of their data with wireless analytics security and governance Business Aspect has recently worked with a number of customers that are leveraging the powerful solutions available through wireless network technology to...