Health and Community Care

The Health and Community Care industry extends from the hospital sector, through primary care, to the aged and community care areas. In each case, the constant pressure on budgets is exacerbated by the increasing demands for health services, and the increasing complexity of delivering effective medical care. Technology has been a major enabler in the health sector, allowing better coordination of care and improving access to information using a range of devices from a variety of settings.

However, introducing these new systems to health environments can bring adoption challenges for clinical users and can create new delivery and operations issues for already-busy ICT groups. Effective adoption of technical solutions into the healthcare environment requires a pragmatic mix of clinical leadership, technical expertise, and business transformation activities. Although many of these functions already exist in health organisations, engaging them effectively in the delivery of improved health ICT systems sometimes requires a revised approach.

Business Aspect has worked with health organisations across the country to assist in delivering suitable capabilities in each of the industry sectors mentioned above. This work has included a major role in the evolution of the national e-Health agenda, the delivery of major outcomes at the jurisdictional level, and the delivery of outcomes in the aged care sector.

Business Aspect’s performance in the Health and Community Care industry is reflected in the following case studies: