Business Aspect’s core capabilities are applicable and indeed highly-valued across all industry sectors. Organisations from across all parts of corporate and government require advice and assistance with areas such as organisational strategy, ICT strategy, risk management, enterprise architecture, business to technology alignment, and project management.


All tiers of government across Australia face constant and deepening challenges in the delivery of services and in the setting of effective policies. Business Aspect’s ability to bring sense to complexity, and to develop sound strategic planning that provides a clearly understood path to required outcomes, has allowed us to make a difference at all tiers of government in Australia.

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Health and Community Care

The Health and Community Care industry extends from the hospital sector, through primary care, to the aged and community care areas. In each case, the constant pressure on budgets is exacerbated by the increasing demands for health services, and the increasing complexity of delivering effective medical care. Technology has been a major enabler in the health sector, allowing better coordination of care and improving access to information using a range of devices from a variety of settings.

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Education and Training

The Education and Training industry hold the key to Australia’s ongoing development as a nation. It remains a focus of all levels of government in this country and faces significant challenges in continuing to evolve to meet the demands of students, and other stakeholders. This industry is shaped by federal and state governments in liaison with public and private schools, and tertiary education through universities and technical colleges.

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Energy, Utilities and Mining

The Energy, Utilities and Mining industry is one that faces diverse challenges ranging from the dynamic nature of world commodity markets, the challenge of remote environments, and the convergence of the energy sector and the internet. This industry is one that constantly looks at the new and innovative application of new technologies – in particular potential ways of leveraging such innovation in expansive and remote situations.

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Banking and Financial Services

The Banking and Financial Services industry is one that is characterised by complexity, constant change, and a requirement for strong security and risk management. While diverse requirements exist across the various parts of the sector, the market perceptions and strategic differentiators rely heavily on the systems and processes. Banking and financial services companies require constant focus on areas such as; information security, risk, and interoperability, while maintaining structure through the application of sound architectural principles.

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