Cyber Security & Risk

Proactively and cost-effectively manage business and IT risk and stay a step ahead of increasingly sophisticated security threats and the broader threats to business continuity.

Organisations today operate in an increasingly complex cyber security threat environment as well as needing to adapt to an increasingly stringent regulatory environment around the protection of personal and business information. Furthermore, the value of an organisation’s information is increasing and is one of its most valuable assets, with varying degrees of sensitivity, privacy, integrity and availability requirements.

Business Aspect assists organisations in managing cyber security risk and threats to business continuity through the provision of highly experienced cyber security and risk consulting professionals that have also worked in internal facing roles. As such we understand the real world when it comes to risk and cyber security and we understand the importance of ensuring security controls are fit for the organisation and not just based on best-practice to tick a compliance box. We understand that cyber security should be seen as a business enabler and not a roadblock.

Having worked with commercial and government customers for over 20 years, Business Aspect consultants understand the myriad of standards and regulatory requirements that exist and can interpret what these mean for your organisation and formulate pragmatic roadmaps and the associated business cases to improve your security posture and align with these requirements. Often this provides our customers with instant market differentiation and the ability to answer tough security questions from regulators and the organisation’s customers.

Furthermore, we don’t leave it there – we continue to work with our customers, leveraging our extensive IP, to further improve their cyber security and risk environment by developing internal capability and controls that allow the organisation to meet their ongoing risk and compliance needs.

Our refined and proven services include:

Cyber Security Assessment & Strategy
Cyber Security Program Delivery
Governance, Risk & Compliance
Information Protection & Governance
Identity & Access Management
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
Incident Response Planning & Testing
Vulnerability & Penetration Testing
Cyber Security Advisory as a Service (virtual CISO)

“Thanks to Business Aspect’s vCISO service, continuous compliance monitoring with Vanta, and rigorous vendor security assessments, we’ve fortified our security posture and compliance efforts, ensuring trust and reliability for Members.”


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