Identity & Access Management

Knowing and controlling who has access to corporate systems and information is critical to protecting your organisation's data.

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, organisations face the challenge of ensuring that their sensitive information is secured from cyber-attacks. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an essential component of an effective cyber security strategy.

Our IAM related services are designed to assist organisations in identifying and understanding their requirements, and developing their IAM strategy and frameworks, together with a clear roadmap and plan to transition from the current state to their target state. Our team of IAM experts collaborate with organisational stakeholders to understand their unique business needs, including interpreting regulatory requirements, and understanding how the existing IAM environment meets the business needs. We then develop a comprehensive requirements specification based on meeting the target state, incorporating existing and future technologies, process and governance and other relevant matters.

Our Identity and Access Management Process

We review the existing IAM environment including the current governance, processes, and technology and assess the current capability and uplift required to meet the target state and capability. This includes identifying risks relating to IAM and providing guidance on the appropriate controls required to manage those risks. Based on this analysis, we deliver a strategy including a comprehensive roadmap and architecture that can be used by the client to implement the capability required to achieve their IAM goals.

Our team of experts then work with your organisation to plan, govern and oversee the implementation of IAM controls, including the development of appropriate change management plans and communication strategies. We then provide assurance that the implementation meets the organisational goals for IAM and associated access management capabilities.

Protect Your Business

With our IAM services, your organisation can be confident that your information is appropriately secured in accordance with its sensitivity and accessible to those that need it when they need it.

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