Education and Training

The Education and Training industry hold the key to Australia's ongoing development as a nation. It remains a focus of all levels of government in this country and faces significant challenges in continuing to evolve to meet the demands of students, and other stakeholders. This industry is shaped by federal and state governments in liaison with public and private schools, and tertiary education through universities and technical colleges.

Business Aspect has a strong track record of working with many Education customers, both public and private sector, schools, TAFEs and Universities, to inform and realise business process improvement, to review and advise on business strategy or ICT strategy, to undertake risk assessment or market assessments, to define architecture and technology roadmaps, to prepare business cases and feasibility statements, or to assist with implementation and deployment initiatives.  In undertaking such work we believe that it is imperative to place the focus on the business of education, not simply to focus on backend efficiency and/or cost reduction. These other drivers exist which need to be included within the processes and system, but the main objective is always to facilitate improved student learning outcomes.  

“The final three-year project delivery roadmap is both realistic and attainable for an organisation of our size and accurately identifies and responds to the most pressing needs in year one.”

Business Aspect defined a pragmatic implementation of elements of a narrow TOGAF meta model and capability model based views with a strong emphasis on simple uses of Value Based Strategic decision making using Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Maps.


Outcomes for the Education Sector

ICT Strategy for an Academic Institution


Framework for Optimising ICT Investment for an Education Institute

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