Cyber Security Advisory as a Service (virtual CISO)

Ensuring appropriate resources are applied to internal cybersecurity needs can be one of the most challenging aspects, especially in the current climate of skills shortages.

Organisations today operate in an increasingly complex cyber security threat environment combined with a complex array of current and emerging regulatory obligations and customer expectations for cyber security controls and capabilities. 

Ensuring appropriate resources are applied to internal cyber security needs can be one of the most challenging aspects, especially in the current climate of skills shortages and the broad level of capabilities required, from deep technical skills to business level risk management and compliance. 

Also, many businesses cannot justify the cost of carrying full-time resources across the entire spectrum of cyber security, especially in meeting the demands of digital transformation and change which often results in spikes of demand for cyber security resourcing.

This is where Business Aspect can help, offering a range of services and an agile delivery model to help organisations develop their cyber security capabilities. A key service and delivery model is the provision of Cyber Security Advisory as a Service, also known as a virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). This service provides the capabilities and support of a CISO function and is designed to help organisations improve their cyber security defences across the IT and business landscape.

Our Cyber Security Advisory as a Service Process

Our specialists have extensive experience in the provision of cyber security advisory, assessment and capability development services within Government and corporate clients for over 25 years. Business Aspect works collaboratively with you to design a service to suit your business’s unique needs drawing on services across the following core domains:

Our clients extract significant value through our as-a-Service delivery model in the following ways:

  • Access to an individual who knows your business or a team of specialists that may change over time depending on your organisation’s needs. 

Our clients gain access to deep specialists while leveraging a single senior resource that is accountable for the services. This means they can tap into the full breadth of our cyber security consulting team, including specialists in Penetration Testing, Identity Management, OT Security, Information Protection deployments, IT Risk Frameworks and BCP/DRP specialists.

  • Access to resourcing and our capabilities on a scheduled time or ad hoc and on-demand basis.

We provide a range of flexible engagement models, from on-demand and part-time services to full-time engagement and staff augmentation.

  • Leverage our many years of experience in delivering similar services to many clients in various sectors. 

Access to an extensive knowledge base of artefacts and outcomes gained over 17 years of cyber security consulting delivery. This enables us to effectively speed up the delivery of outcomes to our clients. We also offer mentoring and knowledge sharing, as our knowledgeable cyber security practitioners seek to impart their knowledge to our clients and the cyber security community.

  • Ability to scale up and down with project and change needs.

A key benefit is that you can scale the services to your emerging demands, such as increased project and digital transformation needs. 

  • Represent your business in audit and customer cyber security communications. 

We often provide the interface between your external auditors and customers seeking information on your current cyber security environment and are well-versed in ensuring a comprehensive understanding of these requests and an appropriate response. 

  • Access to threat intelligence and insider knowledge through information sharing across numerous client relationships and vendor sources. 

This allows our clients to stay ahead of emerging threats and security trends and to benefit from knowledge gained in the cyber security marketplace and in similar sectors.

Protect Your Business

Cyber security is an essential aspect of any business, and it is crucial that organisations have the appropriate measures in place to protect their key assets. Business Aspect’s Cyber Security Advisory as a Service is designed to help companies of every type to develop their cyber security capabilities, providing them with access to cyber security specialists on a scheduled and ongoing basis. 

With our proven knowledge and expertise, we help organisations stay ahead of emerging threats and security trends, enabling them to improve their cyber security posture and protect their assets in a highly cost-effective manner. Contact us today to learn more.


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