Information Protection & Governance

We take a risk and information-centric approach to information protection, identifying the sensitivity and availability needs of information, classifying the information, and then designing the controls to protect that information throughout its lifecycle.

At Business Aspect, we understand that information is a vital asset for any business. Protecting this information from data breaches, loss, or theft is crucial. At Business Aspect, we provide information protection and governance services to help businesses assess their risks, develop strategies, and implement controls to safeguard their information.

We work with our clients to identify how their current environment can achieve their information protection requirements and then define the roadmaps, plans and associated architectures to achieve the target state. We often work with clients on their existing or planned Microsoft 365 solutions, and ensure that they are exploiting the powerful information protection capabilities and maximising their return on investment.

Our Information Protection and Governance Process

Providing an end to end approach to information protection, we then work with client based teams or service providers to guide and oversee the implementation of information protection controls, ensuring the implementation continues to meet the business objectives and be aligned with the roadmap and target architecture.

The introduction of information protection controls often leads to change in the way the business may interact with its information. To facilitate this, we are passionate about integrating organisational change management and communications aspects, along with training regimes, with any significant information protection program of work; therefore we work closely with our clients to provide ongoing advice and organisational change capabilities.

Protect Your Business

Our services help organisations to meet their information protection requirements, protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, while safeguarding your organisation’s reputation and meeting regulatory and compliance obligations. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing tailored solutions to achieve the unique requirements of each of our clients.

Typical outcomes include:

  • Information Asset Registers
  • Information Classification Frameworks, Policies and Handling Guidelines 
  • Risk Assessment, Current State Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Information Protection Strategy, Controls requirements, Roadmaps and Architecture designs
  • Microsoft 365 High-level Design 
  • Implementation guidance and organisational change and communications    

Contact us to learn more about our information protection and governance services, so that you can safeguard your business data today.


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