Artificial Intelligence and Data Strategy Presentation

Join Nigel Schmalkuche, Principal Consultant at Business Aspect, as he delivers a presentation and interactive discussion on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Data Strategy. This discussion covers the fundamentals of developing an AI and Data Strategy.  The following video (89 minutes) was presented on 28/01/2021 at the APAC AI Community Group. Nigel leads a discussion with the Community Group members and organisers covering the following topics: 

Video Timestamp
7:15The relationship between AI and Data
9:10Presentation on AI and Data Strategy begins
11:00AI and Data powering a ‘fourth industrial revolution’
14:308 Reasons to develop an AI and Data Strategy
39:00Drivers to develop an AI and Data Strategy
40:45What are the benefits of AI and Data, and how can they transform organisations
55:38Eight steps in developing your AI and Data Strategy
59:50AI and Data Strategy and the business motivation model
62:00AI and data culture
67:00Components of an AI and Data Strategy

Subjects: AI, sentiment analysis, data science, machine learning, data insights, data analytics, data governance, data strategy.

Nigel is the author of two books, AI and Data Strategy and Data to Insight. He is the practice lead for Information and Analytics with Business Aspect and is responsible for the development and implementation of digital and ICT strategies across Australia.