Building a strategy for data, analytics and AI

The fourth industrial revolution is changing the world with the blurring of the lines between physical, digital and biological spheres. Central to this lies the explosion of data being available and there are important questions around ownership and how can organisations can capitalise on the data available. There is now a new era of doing business which relies on data, where data-driven decisions result in better decisions. Organisations need a clear data strategy that is owned by senior executives and understood by employees.

Nigel Schmalkuche takes us through the reasons why a data strategy is necessary for every organisation, the steps to take to build a data strategy and provides an example strategy that is easier to understand. Join Nigel and Peter Heydon, Data and Analytics Solutions Lead at Data#3, as they discuss why it is important to set a data strategy, how to get started and client stories of best practice data strategy creation and implementation.

Subjects: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Azure, Business Aspect, Data, Data & Analytics, Data Strategy, Microsoft Azure