Business Aspect as presented at the Data#3 November 2022 Investor Briefing

In November 2022, members of the Data#3 Group held an Investor Briefing in Sydney, which saw a series of presentations provided by the Data#3 Executive Team.

As part of these presentations, Business Aspect General Manager, Peter Jarrett, was pleased to share an overview of Data#3’s Consulting business, providing insight into how Business Aspect helps customers to solve ICT and digital transformational challenges by providing insightful business and technology services from a talented team of experts.

Watch the video below to learn more about Business Aspect:

Business Aspect’s General Manager, Peter Jarrett at the November 2022 Data#3 Investor Briefing

Topics covered in the presentation included:

  • How Business Aspect delivers outcomes for customers, usually being engaged at the start of the customer lifecycle where consultants help plan, signpost and navigate changes of what lies ahead for customers, including what to look out for and how to adjust course when needed.  Peter noted that “we often stay with the customer for the duration of the journey and help them overcome challenges.”
  • Business Aspect’s relationship with customers is one centred around complex problem-solving, where consultants facilitate the delivery of business outcomes with customers on their digital transformation journey.
  • Business Aspect provides value by understanding the future conditions which a customer is likely to face and advising on how their operating model needs to change to respond to these changing conditions. Customers benefit through increased productivity and resiliency in their business as they achieve their organisational goals.
  • Peter then highlighted Business Aspect’s Cyber Security and Risk capabilities in more detail given the topical state of cyber security in Australia. Our skilled Cyber Security team work with our customers to understand their existing security state and understand organisational risk exposure. We assist with the planning of cyber security programs and then help support these initiatives to uplift the customer’s security posture and capability.  
  • Finally, Peter shared three examples of how Business Aspect delivers the digital future with our customers, explaining that we work best when we have a deep and long-term trusted relationship with our customers.  

Please reach out to our sales team for a discussion on how our skilled and experienced consultants can assist your organisation on its digital transformation journey.