Cloud Readiness Assessment: Take Control of the Multi-cloud Journey

The Problem

Cloud computing technologies can have significant positive impacts on an organisation but, as with all transformational technologies, the organisations’ preparedness to adopt them has a direct influence on the ability of the organisation to realise the expected benefits and to manage the risk associated with such change.  The effective adoption of business-relevant cloud technologies requires a pragmatic mix of strategic leadership, technical & delivery expertise, and organisational transformation.

Let’s talk Cloud:

A move to Cloud presents real opportunities and the opportunities extend beyond storage, including maximising the value of the investment. Cloud can give you speed of access, better performance, new processes for support and operations and financial management within the business.

To manage this change you need to plan for the change, including addressing security requirements, risks and governance involved in adopting the new environment. Key considerations include:

  • Reflecting Cloud adoption strategies in your planning and roadmaps
  • Updating systems use, disaster recovery and continuity policies to reflect new ways of working
  • Creating new business processes to report on cloud cost management, growth and use
  • Ensure access to the Cloud is robust and supporting your staff and stakeholders

Business Aspect can provide a Cloud Readiness Assessment as the first step in helping you understand where you are positioned. Whether you are moving fully to Cloud, running a Hybrid environment or embracing Multi-Cloud delivery, this assessment will help you manage the risk and gain productive adoption quickly.

The decision to move to Cloud is just the beginning. It all needs to work in your business with your staff and processes.

Let’s take control

  • Governance
    Cloud adoption requires ensuring staff understand the new operational support and maintenance processes required to run a multi-cloud environment: right loads in the right cloud at the right cost; data sovereignty and information separation rules. Our Cloud Readiness Assessment will review your current Governance stance and advise you on changes required and new ways of working so you can take control of your cloud environment management.
  • Risk
    Like every part of your business Cloud management risk needs to be understood and monitored addressing compliance needs specific to your business, industry and geographies. Common concerns include how you manage storage, data access, data separation, classification for privacy, protective security, information asset management, data movement and records. Reflecting on your industries requirements our Cloud Readiness Assessment will highlight the ramifications of your risk and compliance needs in relation to your Cloud adoption strategy whether one Cloud, hybrid, multi-Cloud, SaaS, PaaS or IaaS.
  • Security
    Cybersecurity is a key concern for us all and a Cloud move does not remove or dilute the risk. A different type of vigilance is required to ensure anyone accessing your Cloud environments is playing by your rules: whether staff or customers. You need more than network security and access control to guard your IP, sensitive and confidential information. And Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning do not go away. Using our Cloud Readiness Assessment we will get a rapid view or your security position and opportunities to better police your data and perimeters.

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