Webinar on Demand: What’s your IT & OT asset compliance strategy?

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Presented by Data#3 on 24/02/2021

The range of security compliance standards is dizzying. From ISO 27001 to CIS or AESCSF, it can be hard to know which route to take.

Understanding which compliance standard to consider when developing a cybersecurity strategy is a common challenge.

Data#3; in partnership with Microsoft, Business Aspect and Beach Energy, recently held a webinar to assist customers to develop a compliance strategy to meet the Australian Energy Sector Cyber Security Framework.

Paul Green (Senior Consultant, Business Aspect), Mark Anderson (National Security Officer, Microsoft Australia),  Halim Santoso (Head of Business Development, Microsoft Australia) and Aaron Finnis (Information Security Manager, Beach Energy) discussed:

•    How to build a compliance strategy for AESCSF

•    Using Microsoft M365 E5 to protect critical IT and OT assets

•    CyberX’s behavioural analytics platform, integrated with Azure security to deliver full-spectrum security