Case Study: ICT Infrastructure Strategy and Roadmap Development

Business Aspect have been engaged by a major organisation operating in the oil and gas sector to develop a four year IT Infrastructure Roadmap for both the organisation and its flagship project. This assignment has involved all parts of ICT infrastructure (including major networking and communications requirements), as well as strong linkages to the technology associated with the operational side of oil and gas.

Business Aspect’s past experience in the linkage of information and operational technologies across various sectors has been valuable in the engagement.  

As part of this assignment, Business Aspect personnel have been responsible for the introduction of a pattern-based approach. Associated cost estimation techniques were designed to provide a consistent means by which to define solutions for individual demand items within the Roadmap. Crucially, the approach taken ensured that the outcomes were linked to the organisation’s existing ICT planning methodology and solution architecture practices through the application of the parent organisation’s Asset Blueprinting process.

The development of the IT Infrastructure Roadmap and supporting solution patterns has necessitated that Business Aspect personnel work collaboratively with both the local leads and global managers of the organisation’s IT infrastructure verticals to guarantee their support for this new approach. As a result of these efforts the Business Aspect team has a clear understanding of the wider group IT processes, including architecture governance, project assurance and budgeting. With over 40 years of tactical and strategic experience in IT across the Business Aspect team, Business Aspect has been able to play a lead role in the advancement of the organisation’s major initiatives.