Case Study: Preparation for the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record and Business Architecture

The department is participating in the national eHealth agenda and is building substantial new functionality to work with the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR). As part of adoption planning, the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council (AHMAC) requested that jurisdictions commit to establishing new capabilities to enable adoption of the PCEHR and to provide a detailed costing and delivery timeline for implementation.

Business Aspect was engaged to assist the department with this assessment and analysis work. Over an intensive seven week engagement our consultants worked rapidly to develop detailed implementation models to support the development of costing and delivery timeline estimates. This work involved close involvement with the Chief Information Officer and senior ICT team, as well as clinical stakeholders and major software vendors.

A detailed strategic blueprint was prepared for the department. The blueprint recommended the establishment of additional capabilities to support the delivery of short term projects, as well as to create a broader portfolio delivery capability that can continue to operate across the jurisdiction.

After a competitive tender process in early 2012, Business Aspect won the right to deliver comprehensive business architecture services for the department as a follow-up to the initial work. This business architecture work provided the department with a framework from which future eHealth development decisions can be made.

Business Aspect has also been involved in the development of an eHealth Strategy for the department and a range of associated detailed strategies, including an Electronic Medical Records Strategy, as a result of the outstanding results achieved in previous work.