Information Technology

The Information Technology industry is one that is focussed on the delivery of outcomes for organisations operating in other parts of industry and government. Often the challenge is to match innovation with commercial reality and the real needs of the end client.

An all too common issue in organisations remains the perception of a disconnect between the IT services and the business objectives they support. Business Aspect has delivered reviews of IT organisations for a range of clients as well has developing IT strategies and providing interim IT management.

Business Aspect has worked with IT clients in areas such as; payment switching for the finance sector, the development of robust operational and disaster recovery processes for a telecommunications carrier, and the development of thorough processes for a finance sector focussed IT hosting company.

In the case of the telecommunications company, Business Aspect provided this organisation with a sound foundation for the delivery of major government work, through facilitating a more comprehensive approach to areas such ITIL compliance, and broader business continuity initiatives.

Business Aspect’s performance in the Information Technology industry is reflected in the following case studies:

  • Blockchain in the Real World

    Proof of concept of how blockchain, Distributed ledger technologies and a Distributed File system can improve the NSW Property Development process

  • Case Study: ICT Strategy for Education

    Information and Communication Technology Strategy to Provide learning and training anywhere, anytime and on any device

  • Case Study: Risk & Continuity

    Business Aspect was engaged by an organisation that provides IT services such as application hosting predominantly to smaller financial institutions. The organisation required relocation of the production data centre to a new and significantly upgraded...

  • Case Study: Using ITSM to support organisation growth and deliver a better customer experience

    Business Situation An ICT Managed Solutions provider wanted help in transforming how they delivered IT Services. They had targeted significant growth to the year 2017 with simultaneous improvements to the gross margin and the customer experience. A best...

  • Case Study: Software Procurement

    Business Aspect was engaged to develop a Practice Guide intended to help Chief Information Officers, senior ICT professionals, procurement specialists and their equivalents. The Practice Guide was designed to assist people in these roles to arrive at the...

  • Case Study: Due Diligence

    Business Aspect was engaged by a software development company to undertake a due diligence process on a niche financial services data broker. Business Aspect undertook a detailed review across: Product (technology components) - health and sustainability...

  • Case Study: Program Planning and Execution

    Business Aspect was engaged to conduct detailed evaluations of a range of core carrier telephony vendor offerings. This work included consideration of a range of business models for partial outsourcing and facilities management at a carrier level. This...