Mark Watt to Speak at Locate15 in Brisbane

Business Aspect Partner, Mark Watt, has been selected to speak at this year's national Locate15 conference.

Locate15 is Australia & New Zealand’s leading Spatial event consolidating the top Australian spatial industry events. A central meeting point for industry, government and academia in one of the fastest growing industries.

Mark will address delegates with his paper, Preparing Australia for a Location Enabled Society.

In the lead up to Locate15, Business Aspect is hosting a series of executive Boardroom Breakfast roundtables with key public and private sector executives across Australia to discuss opportunities for both government and industry to exploit these trends. These roundtables are supported by Drew Clarke, Secretary of the Department of Communications.

Mark's paper will present the summary of our findings and observations throughout the roundtable series and will provide valuable feedback for government (and the private sector) in forming directions and undertaking strategic planning in relation to key outcome areas such as Geospatial Policy, Location Intelligence Frameworks in contributing to the Open Data agenda.

Speech Abstract:

Preparing Australia for a Location Enabled Society

As Australian Governments, Federal and State, establish the foundations for open data access to national information resources that enable industry development and creation of new business models, there are four major trends that require the attention of executives seeking to collaborate for a location-enabled society; Address Management, Mobile Access, Big Data and Cloud Delivery. As these trends converge, the challenges of access, security and privacy will continue to be debated, but failure to see past these barriers to the opportunity that a location-enabled society presents could see Australia miss an opportunity to lead the world.