Case Study: Business Systems Strategy Roadmap

To support the execution of the organisation's Strategic Plan, Business Aspect was engaged to develop a Business Systems Strategy Roadmap. The purpose of the roadmap was to assist the organisation's Executive and Board to identify what business systems were required to support delivery of their Strategic Plan, and identify priorities for the enhancement, development and delivery of existing and additional systems. In addition the roadmap determined how the business systems strategy should be communicated and negotiated with external stakeholders.

Analysis of over 200 business applications identified by the organisation was undertaken.

These applications included:

  • Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) packages
  • office productivity based solutions (e.g. built using Microsoft Office products such as Excel, Access and Word)
  • software 'On-demand' (also termed 'software as a service')
  • government agency-based (e.g. those provided by state and federal agencies)
  • partner-provided applications
  • in-house services.

An application building block approach was used to categorise and assess the applications. Based on requirements identified in the Strategic Plan, the roadmap identified a prioritised list of application changes and recommended future steps for the enhancement, development and delivery of business systems applications to support the enterprise into the future.