Case Study: Services Value Chain

A Government Department sought the assistance of Business Aspect in order to deliver on Renewal and Contestability initiatives. 

Business Aspect worked with the Department's executives and stakeholders to prepare a Service Catalogue using the methodology and IP developed by Business Aspect in a number of other engagements.  A recent change of Government provided the Department with the opportunity to use the Service Catalogue to:

  • Enhance the customer service focus of the Department,
  • Review the Department’s product offering, and
  • Lay the groundwork for service costing and efficiency analyses.

Business Aspect developed a Service Value Chain analysis tool to assist the Department to understand the relationships between services, products and processes.  This was the basis of a number of intensive workshops with key executives and senior operational staff. The workshops challenged the Department to view their activities in science, regulation, rights, and protection through the lens of the customer.  The degree of consistency across the Department was remarkable, with disparate work units acknowledging the interaction of their activities towards common stakeholders and identifying the services that those activities supported.

The methodology employed by Business Aspect gave the Department a new view of its work, its value and its purpose.  The Department has indicated that the representation of its business in terms of a Services Value Chain will assist its customers to navigate its web interface, facilitate improved handling of phone enquiries, and focus the financial management of the Department to services of value and benefit.