Case Study: Change Management

This organisation initiated a major IT programme of work spanning virtually all IT dependent business functions. As part of this programme of work, the Chief Information Officer engaged Business Aspect to undertake an organisational change management review. The purpose of the review was to develop a strategy to assist the IT group to prepare for the delivery of major projects during 2012 and transition to a less dynamic, “steady-state” organisation that is able to support the “Business As Usual (BAU)” functions following completion of the major programme.

Business Aspect’s engagement encompassed:

  • Change Management Strategy - advice, facilitation and leadership throughout the project
  • Applications Support Team Strategy – focused specifically on the application support group
  • Senior Executive Advice – provision of general strategic advice as needed and directed by the CIO.

A range of methods were used to observe and elicit input to the review. Consolidated observations were grouped into the following categories and used as the basis for summarising and providing experience-based insights: 

Strategy Governance
Programme and Portfolio Management Architecture and Design
Leadership Organisational Culture
Workload and Quantum of Change Process
Structure Methods and Frameworks
Skills and Competency  






 Project objectives comprised:

  • Successfully navigating the transition period – Provision of strategic analysis, advice, and recommendations that assist IT to navigate the intense transition period to a “steadier” state post major programme delivery, which includes a normal quantum of on-going project, refresh and enhancement activity.
  • Taking effective and appropriate management action - Identification and recommendation of specific supporting actions that should be considered by IT management and the Executive with respect to executing a transition plan.
  • Mitigate strategic risk - Identification and improving awareness of the strategic risks to the organisation that are evident in the major programme IT transition.
  • Achieve team readiness – Provision of facilitation, specific organisational change management advice and planning to enable application support teams to prepare for transition during and after the major programme delivery.