Case Study: Department and Regulator Development

Business Aspect has delivered advisory services for this area of federal government over several years. Initially engaged during the formation of the department and the development of the new regulator, Business Aspect has delivered a broad range of services for this department over time.

Initially, Business Aspect’s role involved the rapid development of strategy and architecture to support the creation of a new Government agency with critical and complex ICT system requirements. Working within a constantly changing and politically sensitive environment, the use of innovative approaches was required - driven by the need to achieve outcomes within compressed timeframes. Initial work included:

  • introduction of strong linkages between major agency processes and the required ICT architecture at an early stage
  • definition of the critical information flows necessary to achieve key agency goals
  • development of an early view of the interfaces required with entities external to the agency
  • identification of the need for changes to initial plans due to impracticalities of some assumptions
  • introduction of key personnel with significant financial trading experience that was directly relevant to the regulator’s core business

Based on this initial work, Business Aspect developed a methodology and framework for establishing the regulator grounded in Enterprise Architecture principles and a unified program management delivery approach. Specifically, Business Aspect:

  • developed a holistic implementation methodology and framework that encompassed all aspects of regulator establishment, including people, process, information, organisational design and ICT solution design
  • developed a complete business architecture for the agency (function, process, information, organisation)
  • contributed to development of the agency blueprint that delivered an agreed description of the target operating model for the Australian Government’s new regulator (the Blueprint set a world’s best practice regulatory approach) and alignment of the emerging enterprise architecture design to the blueprint. The Blueprint included a “Roadmap” of some 30 architecturally aligned strategic projects designed to bring the new regulator to required capability maturity levels within government-committed delivery dates
  • provided thought leadership to business analysis teams in terms of method and design and alignment to the business architecture
  • provide thought leadership in organisational design and development of various design models
  • developed functional application architecture designs – showing the functionality needed to deliver what the business requires from ICT solutions
  • balanced organisational design with ICT solution design - i.e. roles, expertise and scale of staffing were influenced by the ability of ICT solutions to automate processes and deliver knowledge management capability.

In addition, Business Aspect designed a Benefits Realisation Framework and associated performance metrics for the regulator. This activity involved intensive workshop-based processes with members of the department’s senior executive and detailed review of legislative and strategic intent. Alignment between the Managing Successful Projects (MSP) framework being used by the department and the Benefits Realisation Framework was sought. This ensured that integrated performance review and benefits monitoring for both projects, and ongoing business-as-usual activities, was delivered.

Business Aspect’s role in driving the architecture for this regulator has been well-recognised. The work demonstrated our ability to develop complex frameworks and methodologies that are as closely linked to business as technology. Furthermore, the work illustrated Business Aspect’s ability to rapidly develop and evolve our knowledge-base in alignment with client requirements and the relevant industry sector.

Business Aspect has also delivered extensive project management services for the department and the regulator and continues in these roles.