Business Aspect announces partnership with Neo4j

30th August 2017

Business Aspect is pleased to announce our partnership with Neo4j, creator of the world’s leading graph database.

Graph databases are designed to make unprecedented volumes of connected data more searchable, visible, discoverable and consumable. Probably best known for its role in unlocking the Panama Papers, Neo4j is being used by the world’s leading organisations to harness the value of connected data. Understanding the relationships between data elements and sets as much as the data itself, response times for queries, scale independent of the size of the data set. This agility and scalability allows organisations to find patterns in data to understand complex relationships essential for improving operations, marketing insights, customer experience insights such as real time recommendations, fraud detection and more.

Janet Brimson, Partner Information and Analytics, Business Aspect said “Visualising data helps people realise the power and value of insights quickly. Neo4j draws together connections across an entire enterprise from supply chain to CRM, to ERP and more; giving a competitive advantage to data-driven organisations. We are already excited about the analytics proof of concepts and applications our customers want to explore with this technology.”

David Lennon, Managing Partner, Business Aspect said “Graph technology is one of the fastest growing areas of analytics and Neo4j is recognised as a best of breed graph database. We are delighted to introduce this world leading technology to Australia.”


About Business Aspect

Business Aspect is a highly respected management and technology consultancy with clients across Australia and internationally. Business Aspect delivers independent and objective advice and project delivery services on business and technology strategy, architecture, risk, planning, design and governance. Key areas of expertise include mobility, cloud adoption, geospatial, big data and analytics. Established in 2005, Business Aspect is an independent Data#3 company, operating as an autonomous consulting business, providing independent and objective advice. For more information, visit

About Neo4j

Neo4j is an internet-scale, native graph database that leverages connected data to build intelligent applications that meet today’s evolving challenges including machine learning, artificial intelligence, fraud detection, real-time recommendations and master data. As the #1 platform for connected data, Neo4j has over 3 million downloads, the world’s largest graph developer community and thousands of graph-powered applications in production.

The world’s most sophisticated organisations worldwide, from enterprises like Walmart, eBay, UBS, Cisco, HP, adidas and Lufthansa to hot startups like Medium, Musimap and Glowbl, use Neo4j to harness the connections in their data. For more information, please visit and @Neo4j

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