IPWEA NSW State Conference: Ian Palmer's presentation summary

Ian Palmer presented Change Management and the Impact that will occur from Fit for the Future during the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia NSW State Conference in Terrigal on Friday 16 October 2015.

The conference was an excellent event with lots of information and brought together technical partners across professions and the Local Government sector to encourage exchange of ideas, create discussion and identify solutions to those ‘Fit for Purpose’ challenges.

Ian addressed Change Management specifically in the content of the NSW Fit for the Future reform program. He identified positional change impacts, how it affects everyone and how councils can prepare and manage change as they work to meet the program criteria and continue to respond to political and economic directions for Local Government.

He also discussed Change Management 101, understanding change, planning change, managing resistance to change and implementing change. Ian also provided an overview of various literature including Lewin – Change Model; McKinsey’s 7 S model; Kotler Model; and Kubler Ross’s Change Curve.  

Understanding what councils can do to make sure the impact of the reform is not disruptive and how to create positive experiences for its employees, customers and stakeholders is imperative for future sustainability.


View the presentation here. 

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