Business Strategy and Governance

We help you understand the business value proposition that sets your organisation apart, and develop and execute the strategies that enable you to deliver on this. 

A winning strategy requires clarity of purpose coupled with effective governance 

STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT Embracing the mindset needed to remain relevant and competitive in the digital age and developing new ways to generate value. 

EXECUTION AND GOVERNANCE Putting in place the structure, the governance and reporting, and the controls to successfully execute your strategies across all levels of your organisation.

INNOVATION Aligning your vision, your people, and your data to drive innovative ways forward.

COMMUNICATION Clarifying your strategy by making the complex simple and working out ways to convey the stories across the whole organisation.

Business Aspect’s Strategy team offers support through every stage of strategy development and execution:

  • Strategic Visioning
  • Development, Planning and Prioritisation 
  • Governance 
  • Business Improvement and Innovation 
  • Healthchecks 
  • Strategic and Crisis Communication
  • Capability Maturity Assessment and Planning
  • Operating Models Design
  • Organisation and Workforce Design
  • Performance / Benefits Management 

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