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An Overview of the Australian Privacy Principles

If you are collecting or processing personal information then you are likely to be required to be compliant to the Australian Privacy Act. Even if you are not required to be compliant, it is best practice to ensure that you are following the principles of the Act. Read more about the Privacy Principles here.

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NSW Spatial Services Spatial Data Infrastructure Strategy Case Study

Business Aspect delivers a roadmap for establishing a Spatial Data Infrastructure in NSW.

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Empowering a Government Department to Support Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation

Business Aspect worked closely with the Science Division to develop a comprehensive strategy and transition plan.

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Business Continuity Maturity Assessment Tool

Business Aspect has developed a comprehensive Business Continuity Maturity Assessment Tool which is available to download. Using the tool, organisations will be able to measure their maturity in areas of Business Continuity Management, including Planning and Governance, Organisational Support, Business Requirements, Continuity Strategy, Capabilities, Response Plans, Testing and Performance Evaluation and Testing.

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A Comparison of Maturity Assessment Models

Consultants are often asked to perform a maturity level analysis of IT / business processes. The results can sometimes confuse the client, especially if similar analyses have been performed using a different maturity framework previously. For example, if a maturity level of a process has been reported as “2 / Intermediate” it might be confusing […]

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Understanding the Three Pillars of ICT Strategy

Sound ICT strategy formulation and management consists of three key pillars. Learn more about ICT strategy development and getting the balance right.

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Keeping up with the Digital Age using Agile Business Process Management

The Agile Business Process Management (BPM) implementation approach is focused on preparing an accelerated path of benefits realisation by creating an initial firm foundation to measure benefits as they are realised through successive iterations of continuous process improvement. Learn more about Agile BPM and Business Aspect in this article.

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Discussion Paper: Mobility Reference Architecture

Business Aspect presents a free Discussion Paper on reference architecture for mobile applications and a mobile business environment. If you enjoyed reading this or are interesting in knowing how this can be applied for your business, please contact our Sales Team on (07) 3831 7600.

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