An Interview with Declan Goodman

This month we profile Business Aspect Senior Consultant Declan Goodman.  In addition to extensive experience in ICT Strategy, architecture and planning, Declan brings his expertise in the neuroscience of leadership to build high performing teams. Declan talks about his latest project and some of his more interesting consulting experiences.

Tell us about your latest work for Business Aspect clients?
For the past 18 months I've been leading a project to establish an Enterprise Architecture (EA) capability at Melbourne Water.  An organisation can put huge amounts of effort into producing a well thought out digital strategy, but if they try and execute without EA chances are you will just end up delivering a lot of shelf-ware. Melbourne Water understood this and when they signed off on their five year digital strategy in early 2015, one of the first things they did was engage Business Aspect to raise the competency and capability of their EA practice.  This involved growing the team from two to nine people and developing the blueprints and roadmaps to give them the tools to confidently manage and govern the business transformation.

What’s been so great about this engagement is that the business has really bought in to the vision and has been supportive of the measures we have introduced. This allowed us to get some early runs on the board; within three or four months we were able to deliver architecture roadmaps where the business could view the impact of change and make informed investment decisions. Since then we have been able to deliver an uplift in capability every couple of months. Fantastic!

Learn more about this project here: View video

In your opinion what megatrends (Mobility, Big Data, IoT etc) pose the biggest opportunity for organisations?
Right now I think the biggest opportunity in the utilities space is the ability to optimise business performance by applying data analytics to real time sensor data.  The enabling technologies behind this are IT/OT convergence and AI.  By offering organisations the ability to access enhanced information you can make more informed decisions, reduce risks, lower costs – the potential is massive.

Do you have any advice for organisations looking to embark on a business improvement project?
Focus on digital capability within the business mindset. IT can talk all day about enabling technologies but the key to success is to get the business thinking “how can we use technology to make things better” rather than viewing technology as a cost.

As a Program Manager, what have been your most interesting experiences? 
I was once commissioned to rebuild an entire IT Department. The business was simply not getting its desired outcomes from their IT team. Business/ IT engagement is a tough area and it was the first time I had represented IT at the business executive table. I learned a lot about the human side of IT delivery, about people, culture and leadership and I learned a lot about myself.

It’s hard when IT is seen as a cost centre to turn that around to being viewed as a partner in the business.  It was an enormous transformation and an immensely rewarding experience.  

Fun fact about you?
I am an accredited Neuro-leadership practitioner. I’ve always been fascinated by human behaviour and this grew out my seeking to understand how changing mindsets for success worked. You can read some of my posts on my linkedin page. 

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