An Interview with Wayne Tucker

This month we profile Business Aspect Senior Consultant Wayne Tucker.
For more than 20 years Wayne has helped commercial and public sector clients successfully plan and execute their change programs in order to make good on their strategic business objectives. Wayne’s consultative style and problem solving approach is valued by his clients and he has successfully led several award winning business transformation programs during his career.
Wayne shares some observations about recent projects and his views on some of the biggest opportunities available for organisations today.


Tell us about your latest work for Business Aspect clients?
For the past year I've been leading a major business transformation project for the Qld Department of Environment and Heritage Protection that enables customers and partners to proactively interact with the Department online – replacing and streamlining many clunky or paper based processes. I'm very proud of the fact we recently won the Best Improvement Project at the Australian Process Excellence Awards. It's fantastic to see the difference we are making in contributing to a healthy and resilient environment for a sustainable and prosperous Queensland.

In your opinion what megatrends (Mobility, Big Data, IoT etc) pose the biggest challenge/opportunity for organisations?
I'm currently working for a business group that just wants technology to be an enabler. They are looking for technologists to support them by being responsive to their needs and concerns. It doesn't have to be perfect; it just has to be better. So I am not sure it is strictly a megatrend – but improving customer service still represents one of the biggest opportunities for organisations.

Do you have any advice for organisations looking to embark on a business improvement project?
Too often I see organisations seeking a technology-based system to fix their issues. I recommend you start by talking to each other and seeking out those pockets in your business that are doing things better. Take those and see if these improvements can be implemented in the wider business. That's process improvement and maybe you can enable this with technology.

As a Program Manager, what have been your most interesting experiences? 
My most interesting experience was working for CSIRO in their ICT labs in Brisbane and Hobart. As their Program Manager, I helped some really clever people manage their scientific projects within an overall program. I was also their crash test dummy and was involved in many of their underwater / underground / above ground robotics projects and learnt about sensor networks, and frickin' lasers - very cool stuff!

Fun fact about you?
I have an identical twin brother Paul - who is also left handed.
When we were younger our dear mother used to tell us apart by our bawls. Paul bawled in the morning and I bawled in the afternoon. (I got the sense of humour!)

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