Address Management: Getting it right can be a Life or Death scenario

Author:  Mark Watt

Address Management: Getting it right can be a Life or Death scenario

As it goes with many things, no one spends much time thinking or caring about addresses until they are found to be wrong.

Unfortunately though when they are wrong, the consequences can be dire.

Business Aspect has recently been engaged through the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI) to review the geocoded address supply chains for aggregating a national geocoded address product to meet the market requirements and to support the development of a national Foundation Spatial Data Framework (FSDF)(1), an ANZLIC sponsored initiative (2).

A key finding of Business Aspect’s review is that there exists a clear need to design a more efficient and effective geocoded address supply chain to provide an enhanced, scalable and sustainable foundation for location based services.

The objective of the engagement was to identify and document the geocoded address supply chain as it currently exists (the “As-Is”).  Then to document the limited set of key user requirements for geocoded addresses and to prioritise immediate opportunities to introduce improvements into the geocoded address supply chain. A baseline could then be established to identify improvement opportunities for optimising the geocoded address supply chain.

According to CRCSI’s Spatial Infrastructure Program Director, Kylie Armstrong “the domain knowledge that Business Aspect brought to the project and their ability to collaborate effectively with our partners and project team significantly contributed to the successful delivery of this report and project as a whole".

Geocoded addressing is one of the foundation data themes of the FSDF.  It is a key enabler for many organisations. 

So what you say? 
Well, there are real public service, commercial and economic impacts of outdated or incorrect addressing information.

The impacts of having correct, up to date and accurate geocoded address information available via a national reference database cut across public services such as police, ambulance, fire, community health workers, human services and more.  They also impact commercial entities as our digital economy grows.  The need to have an authoritative national geocoded address product that can be used to link an increasing range of complex information to a unique address / location / house/ property / premise or residence is of interest to citizens, public sector organisations, emergency services, not-for-profits, community health and commercial entities alike.

For example, there have been recent instances where incorrect address information has resulted in tragic outcomes when ambulance, fire or police have not been able to accurately locate addresses for emergency calls; and in extreme cases has resulted in loss of life.

When realised, the use of a common framework, embedded into the everyday business of government and private sector entities, will allow for seamless exchange of location (spatial) information and knowledge across organisational, sector and jurisdictional boundaries.

More About Business Aspect’s Geospatial Expertise

Business Aspect has been a member of the CRCSI since 2007.  A number of our consultants have extensive expertise and experience in address verification and location management systems including:

  • National postal address systems (internationally)
  • National telecommunications utilities
  • Electricity distribution utilities
  • Local Governments
  • Public Sector mapping agencies.
  • Emergency Services

[2[ ANZLIC is the peak government body in Australia and New Zealand for spatial information