Business Aspect completes Investment Management Standard training

4 August 2016

Providing clarity for portfolio investment and planning decisions.
We are pleased to announce that Business Aspect has recently completed Investment Management Standard (IMS) and Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) training. Several senior consultants completed this training, reflecting the firm's continued commitment to invest in servicing our Government clients.

A line of sight from problem to investment to benefit is a critical business case development technique providing clarity to portfolio investment and planning decisions. The IMS is a collection of simple, common sense ideas and practices developed by the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance to assist resource allocation decisions, investment decisions, policy determinations, and strategy developments. The IMS has experienced widespread adoption across governments in Australia and New Zealand. The methodology is based around a series of short, intensive workshops with senior stakeholders and decision makers.  These drive high level engagement and understanding of the priorities of alternative approaches, and the benefit for each.

Business Aspect also applies the IMS concepts, practices, and disciplines to help management decision making in a less formal setting.  We unpack how an investment decision will contribute to measurable outcomes for the business by defining the problem, identifying benefits, KPIs and measures, exploring the range of strategic options, and defining the solution. 

Business Aspect helps clients identify the real problem behind the ‘pain points’ they observe in their business, formulate strategic responses that describe identifiable and measurable benefits, and focus on the delivery of best value and best impact.

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About Business Aspect
Business Aspect assists customers with the execution of their business strategy through either large-scale business transformation or by addressing smaller challenges in specific areas of the business. It focuses on the business first, and then identifies technology needs as an enabler of required business outcomes.
It has skills, experience and expertise in; business and technology strategy, architecture, risk, control, planning, design and governance. Through its services, Business Aspect addresses all layers of the business, including people, organisational change, process change, information management, information and communications technology applications and technology infrastructure.
Business Aspect solves complex business problems through the collaborative efforts of its team of highly experienced personnel, and the application of proven intellectual property. A key strength is the diversity of the background and skills its senior consultants bring to planning initiatives involving people, process and systems.