Business Aspect helps RACQ enhance online member experience

RACQ Connected Member programme transforms online and multi-channel engagement, driving towards a consistent, omni-channel experience; increasing value for current members and helping to attract new members.

RACQ, working with Business Aspect in a consulting and delivery capacity, has recently completed phase one of its Connected Member programme – a digital transformation program to enhance RACQ’s digital and multi-channel member engagement strategy.

The program is designed to transform RACQ’s digital member engagement model.  RACQ recognised a need to enable a genuine Omni-channel environment that provides its members and customers a flexible range of choices for how they engage with RACQ.   

“Enhancing digital and online engagement is key to RACQ’s ability to create a consistent, seamless and valuable experience for current and new members, says Greg Moore – Executive Manager Digital Services.  “Our members and potential members are increasingly savvy in their use of mobile and online devices and have come to expect simple, seamless interactions with their service providers.”

The youth market in particular will find the enhanced digital channels of particular relevance.

RACQ has already completed three key projects within the Connected Member programme, including the Free2Go website, the first phase of the enhanced website and the provision of internet quoting for Motor Comprehensive insurance.

Business Aspect has a long standing relationship with RACQ and since 2013 has played a significant role in the design and now in the delivery of the Connected Member programme.

The Connected Member programme runs over 5 years and is focused at renewing and expanding the digital capability within the RACQ Group so that the digital channel reaches a level of sophistication and effectiveness that is consistent with the exceptionally high levels of service its members have come to expect from other RACQ channels such as Branch and Call Centre capabilities. 

Business Aspect was selected prior to Phase One to support RACQ in delivering the programme, and will continue to provide strategic support and practical contributions right through to the completion of phase three.   

It is not uncommon with a change of this size, for organisations to struggle to articulate the strategic goals of incoming IT programmes and link them back to proposed activities; often failing to get the program design determined sufficiently ahead of the project’s commencement. RACQ has embarked on an effective transformation and been able to approach their board with a fully formed ICT programme that clearly communicated how this programme could help achieve the overarching goals of the business.

Business Aspect has worked with RACQ on previous programs including a Financial Management Information System, ICT Strategy Review, Balanced Scorecard and more.  This previous work has given RACQ the confidence in the ability of Business Aspect to play a significant advisory, design and implementation role in the Connected Member programme.     Major skill sets brought by the high caliber of Business Aspect consultants on this project include strategic planning, programme design and enterprise architecture.  Business Aspect is also providing programme & project management, business analysis, security and risk analysis, solution architecture and change management.

For more information on Business Aspect’s work on the RACQ Connected Member project; or other RACQ projects please contact us here.