February 2014 - Business Aspect delivers best practice Address Management Strategy

Author: Mark Watt

For the past eight months Business Aspect has been engaged to develop the strategy and architecture and to assist with the implementation of a centrally managed and nationally distributed address management system. This system needs to support the entire address data lifecycle to facilitate the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the network infrastructure. The business requirements must consider the processes originating in the property development activities through to local council and state government jurisdictional property conveyancing processes and verification against authoritative national data sets such as the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) from the Public Sector Mapping Agencies (PSMA Australia) and Postal Address File (PAF) from Australia Post.

We are working closely with the team to navigate complex business requirements and the multi-jurisdictional processes to deliver a seamless, centrally managed address system and associated application web services.

The Business Aspect team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise around complex address management to this strategic project with substantial local and international experience.  Below is a summary of a number of related projects for other clients that Business Aspect has delivered, which have enhanced our contribution to the address management strategies.

CPAS AVWS Project – Land and Property Information (LPI) NSW
Business Aspect was commissioned to confirm the fitness for purpose of the LPI business requirements specification for use for a common whole-of-government address verification web service (AVWS) available from the Comprehensive Property Addressing System (CPAS); and evaluation of the suitability of candidate technology options for provisioning the AVWS to the confirmed business requirements.

Postal Address Management System - Australia Post
Business Aspect was responsible for designing a common address database available to all Australia Post internal processes. The team designed and implemented a very high speed representation of the Australia Post PAF data that is distributed throughout Australia Post. This database is capable of servicing over 5,000 address queries per second and is accessed by many different systems.

Queensland Address Management Framework – Queensland Department of Treasury
This project was to review the current processes that create and disseminate addresses in Queensland.

National Address Management Framework – PSMA (Public Sector Mapping Agencies) Australia
Business Aspect was engaged to provide a nationally consistent management framework for address information and interoperability, principally for all three levels of government, emergency services organisations and utilities.
The National Address Management Framework (NAMF) Project has enabled transactions of address information between jurisdictions.

NAMF Compliance Specifications – Australia and New Zealand Land Information Council (ANZLIC)
Business Aspect developed the NAMF Compliance model to support compliance testing and accreditation for the NAMF Data Exchange Format, the NAMF Authoritative Address Dataset and the NAMF Web Services specification. The Data Exchange Format is based on AS4590 and is designed to support the NAMF Authoritative Address Dataset (G-NAF) to be properly exposed through the Vendor's NAMF‐compliant Web Service.

Whole-of-Government Address Services Implementation – Queensland Health
The Queensland Government implemented an off-the-shelf address validation service to provide a range of address cleaning and validation functions which return basic property information and geocoding services.  The system was deployed as a whole of government service, accessible via standards compliant web service interfaces. Business Aspect was later engaged to integrate the Address Service into the business applications for Queensland Health as a batching process as well as real-time integration with on-line services.