March 2013 - Helping Pacific Aluminium with their ICT Strategic Plan and Road Map

Pacific Aluminium has engaged Business Aspect to prepare their ICT Strategic Plan and Road Map that sets the direction for corporate over the next 3 to 5 years and guides site specific tactical plans. The project is based on the following steps:
1) Project Initiation and Planning – including the development of a high level plan to complete the engagement.
2) ICT Current State – providing a baseline of the current ICT environment.
3) Business Drivers and Needs. Informed by workshops with business and ICT stakeholders to document drivers for change to the current state of Information Systems and technology.
4) Gap analysis and prioritisation. Contrast business and technical drivers and needs with current state to highlight gaps and identify options and priorities.
5) ICT Strategic Plan. Identify and justify change necessary together with impact on the business, timeframe, funding and resourcing.
6) Roadmap including timeline and estimated cost with detailed information on each program / project.
7) Governance and Management. High level description of processes by which the ICT functions within Pacific Aluminium should be directed, controlled and held to account.
8) Presentation, Verification and Endorsement. Presentation of ICT Strategic Plan and Road Map provided to nominated executive / management and staff.