Understanding Organisational Intelligence: Thatís SMartE

Improving the performance of your business will be challenging if you don’t really know what you’re doing well – and what you could do better.  Assessing your organisational intelligence will provide insight into your company’s strengths and roadblocks for change.

After completing an assessment within our own business and finding it invaluable for our strategic planning, Business Aspect is pleased to partner with North Shore Labs to offer our customers the SMartE Organisational Intelligence (OQ) Assessment.

Using advanced analytics to improve all aspects of business performance

The SMartE OQ assessment provides an accurate way to measure the organisational intelligence of your business, delivering returns to your bottom line without capital or operational expenditure. 

Users of SMartE report benefits such as:

  • Improvements to bottom-line performance of around 30%.
  • Identification of potential problems before they impact the business.
  • Identification of latent opportunities for performance improvement.

The assessment:

We collect data through a simple, eight minute survey administered to every employee. The survey measures responses against seven key non-financial factors that impact business performance.

What we do:

  • Meeting to walk through sample report, customise and configure survey (location, departments and roles) and contextualise email template
  • Run and monitor response rates to survey
  • Report of results and diagnostic information
  • Review session hosted by a Business Aspect consultant to discuss the results and recommendations

Actionable insight for driving growth

To find out more about using advanced analytics to support your business decisions, contact your Business Aspect principal consultant or email us.