A video interview with QIC’s Head of Technology, Mark Tsang

"They have helped in getting us to the point where we have a very robust disaster recovery business continuity management framework… it was tested in the 2011 floods... we were very effective in our ability to recover and maintain services.”

Take a few minutes with Head of Technology at QIC, Mark Tsang as he talks about highlights from a ten-year relationship built on trust and mutual expectations.

Business Aspect is QIC’s ‘Thinking Partner’ as described by Head of Technology, Mark Tsang.

In this interview, Mark shares with us his observations and experiences about working with Business Aspect, and also provides insight into some of the critical technology transformation trends and programs enabling Mark and his team to support QIC’s global expansion.

Mark highlights robust business continuity and information security frameworks that have been built with Business Aspect. It seems advice and guidance as a service is a model that works.

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