Case Study: Using ITSM to support organisation growth and deliver a better customer experience

Business Situation
An ICT Managed Solutions provider wanted help in transforming how they delivered IT Services.  They had targeted significant growth to the year 2017 with simultaneous improvements to the gross margin and the customer experience. A best practice IT Service Management (ITSM) methodology was selected to provide an objective view of their current capabilities, leading to a road map for improvement to support their growth plans.

The client sought to review how their service delivery processes and work practices could scale with a corresponding growth in customer base.  They also wanted to understand how their service delivery processes and work practices could be improved and what further capabilities needed to be developed to increase delivery efficiency and improve customer service.

Business Aspect was engaged to establish how the client’s business was performing against ITSM objectives. This involved providing an initial review of IT Service operations in order to baseline the current state, followed by the development of a strategic improvement roadmap which aligned to the strategic business plan.

The Consulting Team undertook a phased approach to the IT services assessment:

Phase 1: Data Gathering
Reviewing existing reference documents, staff interviews and evidence gathering to understand and assess the client’s current business. Business Aspect conducted a management stakeholder workshop and structured interviews with process owners and users.

Phase 2: ITSM Analysis & Rating
Conducted a detailed analysis of the interview results against the ITSM Baseline® maturity definitions to determine a maturity rating for each process. The ITSM Baseline® uses maturity levels (ratings of 0 to 5) defined in COBIT 4.1 (which is based on CMMI) and components of the ITIL framework.

Phase 3: Report and recommendations
Developed a Maturity Assessment Report which included: the Key Findings, Assessment Results (SWOT analysis and maturity assessment), and initiatives to  address areas of improvement in the form of an Improvement Roadmap.

Each process was rated using the ITSM Baseline® maturity assessment and findings presented against individual processes in regards to current and target maturity ratings previously identified.

Business Aspect worked with the client to develop a list of actions to support their growth objectives. These recommendations were embraced by the client and formed the basis for an ongoing program of work. A monitoring process was implemented and recent evidence supports that the anticipated benefits have been achieved and are expected to be exceeded in FY 2017.