Case Study: Pricing Strategy Engagement

Business Aspect was engaged by the manufacturer to develop and execute a strategy focussed on the reorganisation of its price book. The range of products, client contracts and discount arrangements had grown to be very complex and particularly difficult to manage during a period of volatile market conditions.

Business Aspect managed the project and assisted with the delivery aspects of the assignment. The project management task involved establishing the work breakdown structure into assignable tasks, defining the project schedule and preparing the project management plan, including the risk and communication plans. Based on this plan, Business Aspect managed all of the Steering Committee meeting schedules, reporting, agendas and minutes. A significant challenge for this project was the geographical disbursement of involved parties - both project team members and stakeholders. The project also required management of sensitive information that affected customers and profit centre results.

Business Aspect also developed the business case for the project. This was particularly important for setting the project scope and aligning the expectations and commitments of all involved parties. With the project clearly defined, Business Aspect assisted with business analysis tasks in documenting existing and new business processes. These activities helped to ensure that all aspects of the change process were covered and that the new processes were enhanced to correct the causes to the complexity that led to the project’s initiation.