Case Study: Wireless Analytics

Helping retailers harness the power of their data with wireless analytics security and governance

Business Aspect has recently worked with a number of customers that are leveraging the powerful solutions available through wireless network technology to enable analytics on retail shopper behaviour and movements. These solutions are integrated with video capture, security and near-field beacon technologies to create rich business intelligence capabilities.  This has the potential to not only improve the customer experience today but also anticipate the needs of customers in the future, resulting in new services and revenue streams.

Business Aspect was engaged to provide governance and cybersecurity assurance outcomes that not only focussed on the security of the technologies being deployed but also delivered assurance and recommendations around the privacy implications of capturing citizen data.

While the deployment of wireless data capture and analytics can create a rich and contemporary IT enabled recreation or shopping experience, and have many financial and marketing benefits, there are a number of associated risks. In many cases citizens may not be aware of this data capture and in some instances it may push the boundaries of acceptable use under current privacy related regulations.  If appropriate governance arrangements are not in place these risks may be amplified by the use of multiple solution vendors within a single environment; with solution management typically outsourced to external parties that fall outside of the traditional on premise IT service management domain. 

Business Aspect has provided detailed security architecture and design recommendations in the wireless analytics domain for several retail clients, including strategies for addressing third party security and data privacy regulatory concerns. An overarching framework for information governance has also been delivered for a major city based wifi and analytics environment.