BA Perspectives

  1. Where is your data?

    December 2018

    Need for Information Asset Register (IAR), Data Catalogue (DC) or Data Inventory (DI) systems to manage and understand the quality of data

  2. The IT Strategy Balancing Act

    November 2018

    By Peter Jarrett, Head of Operations It is essential that an IT Strategy be aligned with the goals of the business to create and sustain competitive advantage and yield true value. These days, business and IT strategy are more intertwined than ever. As...

  3. Making Fantastic the Norm: Should We Change How We Define IT Success?

    October 2018

    Defining success of information technology projects

  4. Blockchain in the Real World

    May 2018

    Proof of concept of how blockchain, Distributed ledger technologies and a Distributed File system can improve the NSW Property Development process

  5. Case Study: ICT Strategy for Education

    May 2018

    Information and Communication Technology Strategy to Provide learning and training anywhere, anytime and on any device

  6. European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    October 2017

    Overview for Australian Business Leaders by Paul Green, Senior Information Security Consultant, Business Aspect The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is one of the biggest changes to data privacy regulation. It took four...

  7. Case Study: Combating Cyber Threats

    September 2017

  8. Case Study: PKI Design

    September 2017

    Building trust in a digital world: A Health Provider strengthens its security with a new PKI design. Situation This health provider is responsible for the wellbeing of millions of residents and thousands of staff. A priority is protecting electronic...

  9. Australia’s mandatory Data Breach Notification laws: Are You Ready?

    September 2017

    By Paul Green, Senior Information Security Consultant Security breaches continue to hit the headlines and have focussed the spotlight for individuals and organisations alike on the increasing importance of data security and privacy. For all the security...

  10. Case Study: Enterprise Architecture Framework

    August 2017

    Tertiary Education Institute: Developing a framework for optimising ICT investment This large tertiary education institute located in Victoria offers vocational education and training and degree pathways in a number of areas including the arts,...

  11. A Practical Guide to Adopting Public Cloud Service Level Agreements

    June 2017

    By Steve Sherwood Cloud Practice Lead, Business Aspect Public cloud offers a vast and expanding array of pay-as-you-go services, from basic compute and storage, to machine learning and advanced analytics, even a customer contact centre. More and more...

  12. The secret to great analytics (tip - it’s not the analytics)

    March 2017

    By Janet Brimson Information Management Practice Lead, Business Aspect I recently attended the Gartner Symposium on Data and Analytics. My core interest being the sessions on data strategy and governance. Hearing what others are thinking and saying always...

  13. 5 tips for successful Digital Transformation

    January 2017

    By Jacob Formann, Partner - Queensland, Business Aspect Someone once said that if you are not changing faster than the world around you, you are going backwards. At this time of year, it’s good to be able to step back from the routine juggle of...

  14. Reflections from Gartner’s ‘Lead 360 - Drive Digital’ Symposium

    November 2016

    By David Lennon Managing Partner In recent weeks, a number of us from the Business Aspect team attended Gartner's IT Symposium on the Gold Coast. I enjoy taking part in this event as it’s a great opportunity to touch base with Gartner analysts,...

  15. Mind the (expectation) gap

    October 2016

    By Carsten Larsen, Partner – CIO Advisory and ICT Strategy, Business Aspect In previous blog posts, I looked at how Simon Sinek’s ‘Golden Circle’ approach can be applied to ICT strategy – the importance of first establishing...

  16. Grand (ICT) Designs

    September 2016

    By Carsten Larsen, Partner – CIO Advisory and ICT Strategy, Business Aspect In my last blog post, I looked at the importance of asking Why in ICT strategy and establishing the What, drawing on Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle approach. Once you...

  17. A comparison of the most commonly used Maturity Frameworks

    August 2016

    By Vedran Simunovic, Principal Consultant, Business Aspect First published on Consultants are often asked to perform a maturity level analysis of IT / business processes. The results can sometimes confuse the client, especially if similar...

  18. Starting With the Why!

    August 2016

    By Carsten Larsen, Partner – CIO Advisory and ICT Strategy, Business Aspect In my previous blog post The three pillars of ICT Strategy, I touched on Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle approach and the importance of asking why in ICT strategy....

  19. Who is driving your ICT strategy?

    August 2016

    By Carsten Larsen, Partner – CIO Advisory and ICT Strategy, Business Aspect In my experience it is often dominated by end users demand for specific technology solutions, which the IT team is then expected to deliver. We need to see a shift in the...

  20. Does your organisation have a problem with delivering projects?

    July 2016

    Do your business leaders question the value of service delivery? Have you planned for the risks associated with technology-enabled business processes? Can you face the challenges and risks posed by digital transformation with confidence? The AEXLOS global...

  21. Capability-Maturity Model: The value in a baseline and benchmark.

    June 2016

    Why the Capability Maturity Model matters The origins of the Capability-Maturity Model (CMM) date back to the late 1950’s where the objective was to improve reliability of software and hardware in the US military. Since that time, many variations...

  22. Is it time to reboot your approach to security?

    April 2016

    Author: Brendon Taylor Cyber attacks on Australian businesses are rising With our increasingly fast-paced lives it is hard enough to stay on top of our personal cybersecurity let alone protecting the information assets of the companies we work for. From...

  23. Leadership recipe for a culture of innovation

    November 2015

    In my experience, by far and away the most important ingredient for a culture of innovation, is the organisation’s supervision and leadership style. I mean a strong inclination and emphasis on constructive behavioral styles (such as achievement,...

  24. Organisational Resilience

    August 2015

    Author: Michael Cook Resilience is a multifaceted, multidimensional concept. Resilience is not new and has its origins in determining the capacity of nations and states to weather change and adversity. Within the national and state consideration the...

  25. Is Australia Prepared for the Sentinel Age?

    February 2015

    Authors: Mark Watt & Sam Higgins Human beings have always been aware of our position in space, whether relative to the things in our immediate vicinity or the seemingly infinite universe. Our spatial awareness has evolved, from the first prehistoric...

  26. Renewal & Reform: Client focus demonstrates organisations laying the ground work for transformation

    August 2014

    Author: Sam Higgins As part of Business Aspect’s internal planning for each new financial year we analyse and reflect on the previous 12 months’ engagements with a view to identifying key client priority areas. This year’s analysis...

  27. Conceiving an Enterprise Mobility Strategy

    May 2014

    The Time to Act is Now Author: Gil Carter The field of enterprise mobility has moved extremely rapidly in the last seven years. Previous generation devices were barely usable in an enterprise setting due to limited hardware and software coupled with...

  28. Australian Mining Bubble – Where is ICT?

    February 2014

    Author: Mark Warry The information technology (IT) consequences of the current, overall contraction in Australian mining are quite profound, but the extent of change depends on which sector you are part of: coal seam gas (CSG), coal, iron ore to name but...

  29. Best Practice Mobility

    September 2013

    By: Gil Carter Business Aspect has recently worked with a major Queensland Government department in the development of a mobility services white paper for their sector. The rapid and effective development of mobile devices will often allow frontline...

  30. Case Study: Application End-to-End Performance Review

    April 2013

    Business Aspect was engaged by a government education department to undertake a technical system end to end performance review of a range of enterprise applications. This review included dependent technology solutions such as Identity and Access...