February 2013 Presenter at upcoming AISA Brisbane event

Security Architecture is one of the most misunderstood aspects of Information Security or Enterprise Architecture. Many security professionals confuse the role of architecture to that of policy writer or ISMS implementer. Most of the other disciplines in Enterprise Architecture view security architecture as an arcane discipline that the security guys go off and do by themselves and which does not integrate with EA. Many security architects complain that they are ignored, under-funded or misused. In this talk Duncan Unwin will explain how Security Architecture integrates into a modern enterprise architecture. By way of several case studies he will show how Security Architecture is a domain architecture within EA and how security architects can come in from the cold and work inside frameworks such as TOGAF.

About the speaker - Duncan Unwin is principal consultant with Business Aspect. His focus is on applying enterprise architecture techniques to real work problems and in particular in the design of information security controls. He is a member of AISA and has worked in security since 1997 and in IT since 1987. You can find out more about him at au.linkedin.com/in/dunwin/

You can register to attend the AISA Brisbane Branch Meeting where Duncan is speaking via the AISA website.