Steve Sherwood

Steve is the Principal Consultant leading Business Aspect's Cloud Practice and offers practical and outcomes-driven consulting to deliver customer-centric and business relevant solutions. Recent achievements include delivering an As-a-Service Decision Framework, Strategy and Roadmap for a Queensland emergency service; developing a Cloud Security Controls Inventory for a global investment corporation; elevating the maturity of a large government department’s vendor management office; and achieving significant efficiency gains for a retail bank through upgrading and consolidating its end-user computing environment.

Steve will go to great lengths to deliver the client solution – quite literally! Previously he spent two years travelling to Mongolia to deliver a major technology and support integration for a global mining company.

Steve holds a Prince2 Practitioner certification and is familiar with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Steve actively participates in many cloud-related user groups and industry forums and is committed to helping organisations take advantage of the opportunities provided by cloud-based services.

Steve’s experience includes:

  • Tactical and strategic experience in mining, manufacturing, government and financial services
  • Technical, operational and senior leadership roles in Australia, UK, Mongolia and China
  • Enterprise IT roles in service delivery, infrastructure delivery, M&A, operational service and support, development
  • Delivering large IT projects underpinning international mergers, outsourcing, end-user transformation
  • Transitioning traditional ICT to As-a-Service delivery models

Recent blogs/articles: